Crowns and bridges are long-term treatments that will provide health, stability, and esthetics for years (often decades) to come. They are low maintenance and will last for years with regular check-ups. Crowns cover, strengthen and protect teeth that have had large fillings, cracks, or root canals. The bridge is used to fill a space created by a missing tooth. The bridge is composed of crowns placed on the teeth on both ends of the gap that make a “bridge” tooth in between. It restores balance and function that was lost with a missing tooth. 

There are many different materials used today to create high performing crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges blend in with the natural teeth and only a professional can distinguish them without an x-ray, or oral exam. The color and shading can be made to match the neighboring teeth. Old bridges relied on wire, or a metal band that could be seen inside the mouth, but today’s bridges are aesthetically pleasing. 

No special maintenance is needed beyond good oral hygiene and regular check-ups. Your regular check-ups give us a chance to reevaluate your teeth to determine if they will require new crowns, or if the crowns are in good condition.